Sole Source Contracting Notice

The provisions of Chapter 39.26 RCW require that state agencies post intention to enter into sole source contracts on agency website for a minimum of ten business days prior to the contract execution date. This is to serve as that notice. WA State Department of Services for the Blind (DSB) intends to enter into a sole source contract with Alliance Enterprises (DuPont, WA) for replacement of their current business management system. DSB has determined that Alliance Enterprises is the only vendor capable of providing a comparable commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) business management system for the agency. Alliance has 23 years of experience implementing and supporting their COTS software solution, Aware. Aware is a web-based, case and financial management application designed to match the vocational rehabilitation workflow. Alliance has demonstrated through their number of successful implementations that they can support the Washington State DSB program areas, including the VR Program, Orientation and Training Center (OTC), Business Enterprise Program (BEP), Independent Living and Older Blind Program and Business Services. Please contact the representative below if you have any questions or would like to receive a copy of this sole source contract.

Agency Contact: 

Mary Craig, CIO